Our 1st Open House

Our first open house on 03/24/2018 was very successful. We invited families from different ethnicities and of different cultural backgrounds. We distributed our flyers, and brochures to neighboring homes, community centers, childcares and worshiping places that people gather to let the community know that Skyline is opening in the fall of 2018. At Skyline, we strongly value diversity because it is what makes us strong as a school. We shared with families our vision and mission and told them that Skyline Math and Science Academy will focus 3 areas 1) a rigorous curriculum (STEM). 2) an effective cultural pedagogy (Great Teachers). 3) and forming solid and positive relationships with students and their parents (Relationship Building). 15 families came to see what kind of learning program Skyline Math and Science Academy will be offering to their students in the fall of 2018-2019 school year. Families admired the STEM curriculum that Skyline will be implementing to close the achievement gap that exists between underprivileged and privileged students in the state. According to Partnership For A New American Economy, there is a projected shortfall of 230,000 qualified applicants for the U.S. STEM sector in 2018. In addition, parents were very happy to hear programs that raise rigor for minority students such as the after school program, Saturday school, home-visits, summer learning programs and the parent academy . As a result, 32 students were enrolled to Skyline in that day. Skyline’s 2nd open house in April will be announced soon.

Our vision is to create learning opportunities and to bridge the gap for underprivileged students regardless of their socio-economic differences.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality academic environment in a twenty first century school setting which creates and improves student learning, closes the achievement gap and partners directly with students and their families.

Skyline’s First Open House

2600 26th Ave S, Suite 100

Mpls, MN 55406


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