11Jun 2022

ISSUE #9 Bridging The Gap

Skyline MSA welcomed engineers from MN department of transportation for a fun day of bridge building to inspire future engineers and community builders.

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12Dec 2021

Issue #4 Social Emotional Learning

Ms. Sumaya’s first grade class is working with older mentors to write and express themselves. Through a focus on descriptive writing and collaboration, first graders are…

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11Nov 2021

Issue #3 Student Centered Learning

Students are at the center of the learning process at Skyline Math & Science Academy. The focus of all lessons, according to best practices, is on students and their needs.

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12Oct 2021

Issue #2 Equity + Access

Students in Ms. Degha’s 4th grade class are participating in a live online coding class. Create & Learn, through partnership with Skyline, is teaching students various technology skills that are necessary for their future careers.

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12Sep 2021


Skyline Math & Science Academy believes that to build strong relationships with students and families, there needs to be strong community ties. Throughout the month of September, leadership planned…

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