Strong, positive engagement with students’ families is essential to the school-family partnership. Skyline Academy for Math and Science will provide this through the following:

Workshops for parents will be provided. Many parents are unaware of their children’s learning and relationships and may be equally unaware of the programs that are available for them. Community leaders and activists will be invited to come and talk to the parents in school events, including parent-teacher conferences; and talk about connections to community resources. Community leaders will be invited to attend teacher meetings and assist teaching staff in understanding family situations that may impact students’ interactions and learning. Prevention and Intervention Services to support students’ families will be made available through community partnerships and outreach. According to the U.S. Department of Education, positive school climates require a focus on prevention, using evidence-based strategies focusing on students’ individual needs. Skyline Math and Science Academy will pay attention to the unique needs of children and families. Elements of the prevention and intervention approach will include Social Curriculum will be integrated into the weekly classroom curriculum to promote pro-social behavior. Social Support Groups will be offered as preventive interventions to help students build necessary social skills. These groups may be held after school; Skyline Math and Science Academy will seek to recruit community supporters as volunteers to lead these groups, building connections with community while supporting students in their social/emotional growth.

Other aspects of the Skyline Math and Science Academy program that will support student and school success include differentiated learning and assessment, ensuring effective special education services and modifications for gifted students, providing small class sizes, and a longer school day.