Slide A true 21st Century Institution Skyline Math and Science Academy, a new public charter
elementary school, will put into practice the latest research
on successful twenty first century schools: a rigorous curriculum,
an effective cultural pedagogy, and forming solid and
positive relationships with students and their parents.
Slide CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE Learn More We understand that the best gift for a child is education. That is why at Skyline,
we apply 21st Century teaching methods and curricula thereby making every
child's world better.
Slide COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT SEE PAST EVENTS We hold events from time to time that involves community participation. This brings along
parents and other stake holders thereby making them interested in what and where their
children study and learn.
Slide Educating Future Leaders Quality education that supports the student’s growth and
development by putting into practice the latest research on
successful education practices.


Our mission is to provide a high-quality academic environment in a twenty first century school setting which creates and improves student learning, closes the achievement gap and partners directly with students and their families.



Our vision is to create learning opportunities and to bridge the gap for underprivileged students regardless of their socio-economic differences. Our ultimate objective is to produce students who are educated, prepared and who can contribute to American society and become global citizen

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