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15Nov 2019

The works Museum visits Skyline MSA

A dual event occurred this Month as The Works Museum visited with us to demonstrate some really cool experiments! Watch this video from our facebook page to see how it all happened. Tip: Stay till the end to see the experiments and what kids made student of the month!

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08Sep 2019

State representative Mohamud Noor’s visit to Skyline MSA

On thursday September 5th, State representative Mohamed Noor made a stop at skyline math and science academy. He was pleased the new look of the school as this yeah, we have incorporated African paintings on our walls as well as some motivational posters. You will need to visit us to see for your self!

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14May 2019

Skyline Carnival/Parent night was a huge success.

The much anticipated Carnival/Parent night at Skyline Math and Science academy was a huge success. The turnout was great and both the parents and students testified to having a great time. The event kicked off at 4pm with students activies in classroom as well as outside. A playhouse was set up outside for the children … Read More
08Feb 2019

Job Opening: Director of Operations

Skyline Math and Science Academy, a K-6 school located in South Minneapolis is looking for passionate, and innovative School Operations Director with the following proficiencies: Primary responsibility is to help daily operations with the executive director. Performance Responsibilities: Process and keeps all receipts  for documentation purposes and giving to the director upon request. Process and keeps all invoices …

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31Jan 2019

January Student of the month event

It was a splendid day at Skyline math and science academy as pupils and staff gather in the gymnasium at 2pm to welcome famines who had come to celebrate their children. These children, through out the month, had displayed behaviors that showed improvement and made them stand out amongst their peers. They were being awarded … Read More
31Dec 2018

December Student of the month event.

For the first time ever at Skyline Math and science Academy, the students were awarded certificates to reward their hard work. Executive Director, Mr. Abdulle presided the event at the school gymnasium which featured about 370 people including students and family. Below are images of how it all went. Read More

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