Skyline Carnival/Parent night was a huge success.

The much anticipated Carnival/Parent night at Skyline Math and Science academy was a huge success. The turnout was great and both the parents and students testified to having a great time. The event kicked off at 4pm with students activies in classroom as well as outside. A playhouse was set up outside for the children to pay in simultaneously with the teachers have educational and fun activities in the classroom.

The parents started arriving at about 5:30 and at 6pm, the executive director Mr. Abdirahman Abdulle proceeded with the presentation of “looking Back and Moving Forward”. He mentioned the accomplishments of the school so far and touched on the direction the school was headed in. His presentation was followed with a Q&A session. After clarifying some of the questions the parents posted, everyone proceed to have refreshments. It was a great even as seen in the pictures below.

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