Discipline-Based Arts Education

To address the arts, which are an important element of the school program, Skyline Math and Science Academy is considering Discipline-Based Arts Education (DBAE). Developed by The Getty Center for Education in the Arts, DBAE is a framework that ensures that all students receive a rigorous study of the arts. It also involves the integration of the arts into the broader school curriculum. This framework has been proven through time and research to spark students’ interest in innovation, creativity and leadership. DBAE can be applied in social studies, mathematics or language arts classrooms. For instance, social studies teachers can teach history using famous works of art. A mathematics teacher can teach geometry using proportional fractions found in the Renaissance. This also works in reverse: the art teacher can collaborate to support curriculum taught by other teachers.

DBAE presents a sound art curriculum including the following components:

Art Production, in a variety of mediaArt History, examining the contribution artists and art have made to society and culture – art history works hand-in-hand with social studies as it helps us examine historical events through the eyes of an artist.Art Criticism, responding to, interpreting, and arriving at critical judgment of specific works of art.Aesthetics, which builds critical thinking skills be examining what kinds of art and design pleases people.

Assessment is also an important component of DBAE. The portfolio is a very effective way to assess the progress of a student through time. When creating a portfolio, a student and teacher should collaborate by setting objectives and criteria. The student and/or teacher select student work over time and save it for viewing in a portfolio. Rubrics are created by which student artworks will be assessed. At a designated point, the student reflects on each phase of the collection and critiques their own art. The teacher considers the art and the reflections of the student when assessing students’ portfolios