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Skyline Math and Science Academy will nurture, empower, and expect effective teacher-child interactions as a primary means to ensure student achievement. We will do this by ensuring a rigorous hiring process for teaching staff; and by providing ongoing professional development for all teaching staff once hired. Through these strategies, Skyline Math and Science Academy will ensure that our teachers have the skills and experience needed to efficiently and effectively carry out the planned teaching/learning program model and promote the academic and social success of all students.

Hiring Effective Teachers

Skyline Math and Science Academy will hire teachers through a multi-phase process. During the initial phase, candidates will complete an online application; those who meet the initial criteria will participate in a phone interview conducted by the director or the assistant director. Candidates will be ranked based on a set of prescribed criteria. Selected candidates will submit a writing sample and a project-based learning lesson plan on a standardized topic and set of materials for the grade they are most interested in teaching. If submitted materials successfully, candidates will participate in an interview day. The components of the interview day include:

Candidates will take part in a group interview in which the school’s philosophy and educational approach will be discussed. Each candidate also will be asked to share with the group the project-based lesson plan he or she developed, as well as the reasons he or she became a teacher.Candidates will be presented with data for several students and asked what they would do to help the students reach full potential in the context of the classroom.Candidates will participate in individual interviews in which they will be asked to respond to various situations that typically are faced by teachers.

Professional Development

Skyline Math and Science Academy’s teachers will participate in in-person and on-line professional development activities throughout the year. The activities are designed to support the effective implementation and assessment of the educational program model and increase teachers’ abilities to work with students with diverse cultural background. The training will be provided through multiple methods, and will include the following:

Curriculum Preparation Workshops will provide instructional foundation for all content, so that each teacher becomes expert in teaching in their respected fields.Teacher Coaching provided by school leaders will focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with high expectations, pedagogical model, curriculum execution, and family engagement. Skyline Math and Science Academy will provide weekly 20-minute individual coaching session with each teacher.Teachers will learn Dr. Robert Marzano’s observational tool that will be administered three times each year to enhance capacities to engage in effective teaching practices with all students.

Details regarding scheduling of professional development are provided below, in the subsection on Daily and School Year Schedules in this section of the Application, and in the Administration Plan section.


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