STEM Focus


The goal of science instruction is to inspire thinking skills necessary for scientific inquiry and to introduce students to the wonder of science.


Online platforms use gamification to encourage and enhance reading engagement and to continually monitor and assess reading progress.


The goal of math instruction is to provide foundational math knowledge for everyday life and to develop a solid platform for higher-order math learning.


STEM education includes every field under the umbrella of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There is some debate in the STEM community about the advantages of including arts in that lineup as a means of stressing creativity and innovation in these fields. Skyline Math and Science Academy plans to take this approach and will incorporate arts alongside STEM subjects in its curriculum to raise and spark students’ creativity and innovation.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has said, “everyone has a stake in improving STEM education. Inspiring all our students to be capable in math and science will help them contribute in an increasingly technology-based economy, and will also help America prepare the next generation of STEM professionals—scientists, engineers, architects and technology professionals—to ensure our competitiveness.”

However, students need qualified, enthusiastic teachers to teach them the essential building blocks of STEM subjects. Teachers at Skyline Math and Science Academy will bring these subjects to students with passion and excitement and spark students’ interest in STEM subjects.